My husband and I traveled the world in the seventies and eighties, a world which is very much different from the you might see now when you travel. The photographs were taken by my husband.  I was his “mule” carrying all his lenses, tripod, etc…which were heavy and cumbersome in those days.

I’m a retired research historian (with a background in geology, literature, and architecture) and will be making historical, geographical and cultural commentaries.  My observations are not comprehensive; they are meant to whet you appetite and increase your desire to visit some of the sites.

I appreciate your questions and will incorporate my answers into the caption.

Answer to question about how I put slides into computer: Ion is the brand name of a device available at Best Buys for under $100.00 which permits you to digitalize slides and/or negatives and send them to your computer.  Once in your computer’s album, you can use the “add media” application.  If you have an Apple computer, dragging is simple.

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